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Meet the team

Over the last 2 years we have built a small, yet great team of experts which have helped generate thousands for other businesses. We're just a group of 4 with different areas of expertise.


Rohaan - Co Founder

Rohaan, a co-founder of the business handles all operations, from managing marketing, building websites and reconstructing a businesses backend.


Rohaan is likely to be the person who will be in contact with you when an update on your business has been made.

Daniel - Co Founder

Daniel, also co-founder of the business, oversees all the marketing logistics and creatives. Basically ensuring that your business hits those targets!


Daniel is likely the first person you'll hear from when you join us as a client and is responsible for ensuring all your leads and sales get delivered.


Lauren - Head designer

Lauren is our go-to specialist for all things graphics, she is our head designer and handles video/graphics editing, graphics design and ensures all of our clients ads look high quality. 


Lauren is a magician when it comes to taking your content and transforming it into marketable material.

Burhan - Sales Director

Burhan, the Sales Director, oversees all the sales operations within the business. Making sure that your needs are understood, so that all your goals are met. 


Burhan we'll be in touch with you throughout your journey with us to ensure you as a client feel prioritised.

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